Notes On the Fridge

Frequently parents send in notes with their child.  In 23 years of teaching, there have been a few favorites.  I’d like to believe they are all written while the parent is still asleep.  But after parent conferences my illusion is sometimes broken.  These notes adorn my refrigerator and I thought you might like to see them.


Jackie left her work at school.  You should probably have her do it sometime.

Thank you,


(note: I think I speak for all teachers when I say this is the type of home support that incredibly beneficial in helping the children get ahead.  I’ll bet the same note would work on the SAT’s)


Please excuse Kenny on his boat today as we didn’t have a ruler at home to measure with.  As with any scale, every measurement is critical.

Thank you,

Charley Brown

(note:  No,  I don’t know what boat needed a ruler.  Self medication is not an HMO)


Miss Nichols,

I really like being your student.  To tell you the truth I’m scared to go to Jr. High.  Happy Valentine’s Day.



(note: This was hand written on the back of a Valentine’s Day card, apparently Hallmark had no such sentiment already prepared)


Dear Miss Nichols,

Kenny is sick because I can’t make him wear his coat.  Can you please get him to wear his coat so he doesn’t get sick?

Kenny’s Grandma

(note: This reminds me of the parent who called before school to ask if I could keep the child in for recess because Althea refused to take the garbage out)


Miss Nichols,

Candice had a hard time with her spelling crossword.  I myself SUCK at puzzles and had a hard time helping her. Thank you.

Ms. H.

(note to self – offer after school help on Puzzles for Parents who Suck)


To Whom it may Concern

Yesterday I picked Charles up from school his tummy hurt, I got him home and he got out of the car and through up  a bunch of  stuff.

Thank you,


(note: This is the same parent who told me at conferences that she was a black belt in Judo/Kung Fu/Karate and that she was “allergic to human hair”)


Miss Nichols,

Please excuse Ron yesterday, he had the Hershey squirts.

Mrs. Caldwell


Please excuse Carla from math homework, the cat peed on her pencil.

Ms H


Not everyone has time to write a note.

When one child was about 45 minutes late one morning, his mother threw open the classroom door and shouted to me across the room full of 30 6th-graders… “Sorry John’s late Miss Nichols! Both the washer AND the dryer went tits up today!” ( I guess that was best said in person).